Mouthing Off

  • mariah huq

    When those cameras
    come on, people get
    crazy & ratchet!
    - Mariah Huq
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    My wife doesn't even
    know who Kim
    Kardashian is.
    - Nick Cannon
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  • laz1-e1336980675894

    Fans have been
    begging for
    a sequel!
    - Laz Alonso on 'Jumping the Broom 2'
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    tamar braxton

    That right there
    is slap nation
    moment, okay?
    - Tamar on Kenya Flirting With Apollo
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  • Lupita Nyong'o wins Oscar

    I want to salute
    the spirit of
    Patsey, for her
    - Lupita Nyong'o
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    nene & marlo

    I will never have
    anything 2 do
    with Manlow or
    - NeNe on Marlow
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  • Lamar Odom

    Khloe will always
    be my wife!
    - Lamar Odom
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    kelly rowland

    I don’t want
    my sister’s path.
    I want my own.
    - Kelly Rowland
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  • 0114-queen-latifah-2-mdn

    You're either
    going to love
    or hate
    - Queen Latifah
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    cynthia bailey

    Its a struggle
    to balance work
    & being booed
    - Cynthia Bailey
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  • Yandy Smith

    - Yandy on Amina Buddafly
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    lala anthony

    I love sex.
    I like being
    - LaLa
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  • 2106679 chill and usher

    I'll always
    love him,
    - Chilli on Usher
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    I just centered
    - Lupita Nyong'o on preparing for her role in '12 Years'
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  • Marlo-Hampton-RHOA

    When you look
    like money,
    you attract
    - Marlo
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    tami roman

    It could be
    a sinking ship.
    - Tami Roman on BBW
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  • tamar braxton

    Now it’s all
    about Logan!
    - Tamar on motherhood
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    I no longer
    wanted to
    for who I am
    - Viola Davis on ditching her wig
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  • traci steele

    I made a
    - LHHATL's Traci Steele on Sexting
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    k michelle

    Baby one hit
    just might change
    your whole life
    - K. Michelle
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  • lisaraye smiling

    I need a man,
    not a boy
    - LisaRaye
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    tamar braxton the real

    Beat that face,
    put a stiletto on
    and get your life!
    - Tamar
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  • mayte garcia

    Getting this
    is scary!
    - Mayte on Adopting a Baby
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    Kimberly Elise Movies for Grownups Awards

    I didn’t want
    to do the
    same old thing.
    - Kimberly Elise
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