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5 Questions That Must be Answered On The Scandal Finale

Ok, gladiators it’s time to brace ourselves for a roller coaster of crazy for tonight’s season finale of Scandal! Shonda Rhimes apparently re-shot key scenes in the conclusions to amp up the crazy so here are the questions we will need answers to tonight:

1. What’s Olivia and Fitz’s relationship status? Is she reuniting with Jake?

This season Shonda has done a great job of not having too many scenes where the two are making out like love struck teenagers. Those weekly “I don’t know how to quit you” monologues were turning the show into a soap opera. However, we really haven’t had any clarification as to whether they’re friends? Friends with benefits? Or merely a fling from the past? Who’s in Vermont watching their jam? Why’d she put the ring back on that he gave her? Or what about Jake? He took a knife in the back from her and declares his undying love every chance he gets. Isn’t it time they go stand in the sun again?

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2. What will Popa Pope tell Mellie?

Last week, we found out that the super secret B16 operation “Foxtail” involves Mellie Grant! Rowan is not only Command, he’s the Grimm reaper and  Morpheus (Lawerence Fishburne) in The Matrix. Popa Pope knows how to show up on the brink of a life decision with a red pill and a blue pill! We know how bad Mellie wants to be the next President, will we see her make a deal with the devil aka Rowan to seal her fate?

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3. Will Liv and Russell have a future?

As if Olivia needed another player in her love triangle, but we liked her with Russell! Liv hasn’t had relations with a fine chocolate brother since…(crickets!) Russell (Brian White) has definitely been amazing eye candy and he seems to be some what torn between a life of crime with Papa Pope and wearing the white hat with Liv. Could Russell turn over a new leaf and replace the void in our hearts that was left by Harrison (Columbus Short)? We hope so!

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4. Can we get more Mamma Pope?

Actress Khandi Alexander has really been under utilized this season. Yes, we know she’s imprisoned for being an international terrorist guilty of espionage and having hundreds of people killed in a plane crash BUT Papa Pope’s version of maintaining the democracy isn’t all that great either! In the preview for the finale, we see a glimpse of Mamma Pope who is basically Rowan’s Achilles heel. She probably knows Papa Pope better than he knows himself so we can’t wait to see how she saves the day.

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5. Are Olivia and Abby Besties Again or Naw?

Since Abby took Liv’s job as the White House Press Secretary, the two have had a weird tension. They’ve definitely been cordial but Abby used to worship the ground that Liv walked on, not anymore! Maybe four seasons later, like Quinn, Abby has simply become more confident in herself or maybe we need Iyanla Vanzant to step in and fix their friendship. Whatever the case, Liv and Abby’s scenes together have been awkward and we need Shonda to fix that before season 5!

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Catch the fourth season finale of Scandal tonight at 9:00 only on ABC.

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