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5 Ways To Save On a Memorial Day Getaway

If you’re planning to pack up and getaway for Memorial Day, just know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have some fun. While Memorial Day is the official kick-off to summer, you can celebrate big yet keep things low-key by finding ways to save on traveling. Here are a few tips.

Leave on Saturday

CheapOair senior executive Bill Miller says “It has been proven that people who can leave a day earlier or later wind up saving a lot of money in the end.”  If you can, plan some extra time to get to your destination and it will not only add more time to your trip, but more pennies to your pockets,

Search all airports

There’s a cool trick travelers are doing that’s saving them lots of money. Search all airports and look for a connecting flight to the city you want to go to but instead of connecting the city the airline stops in will be your destination. It actually saves tons of the cost of your flight.

Sign up for loyalty programs

Enrolling in loyalty programs and point systems earns you lots of perks like saving on a luxurious resort at one of your favorite destinations. You can even save on food at restaurants. It’s definitely worth the time to sign up.

Stalk Travel sites

If you really want the best deals, stalk travel sites like Travel-Ticker and TravelZoo, and trend trackers, like CheapOair and Hotwire’s Trip Watcher. They are great resources if you are looking to save a buck.

Get a Package Deal

Consider booking your room, hotel and travel arrangements together to save the most on your trip. Sites like Orbitz sells rooms at a discount as part of a package and Travelocity, and Priceline, are also great sites to negotiate for a great price.

Memorial Day is coming fast so secure the best deal to make the most out of your trip! Enjoy!

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