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7 Surprises From ‘RHOA’ Lost Footage: Who Has Real Hair?


The Real Housewives of Atlanta couldn’t fit everything into its power-packed season.  After three weeks of reunion shows, the ladies pulled back the curtain on the moments we missed. Here, seven surprises from the RHOA ‘Lost Footage’ special.

Kim’s kid got bullied bad.  In one unaired scene, we see Kim Zolciak’s oldest daughter, Brielle, sobbing after being beat up in school.  The teenager is bruised after being punched in the face and attacked by a former friend. Kim is truly distraught and something tells us the show is to blame.  Sad.

Kandi is a naughty pic pro.  Kandi Burruss is never shy when it comes to kinky conversations, but who knew she mastered the naughty pic as well? She shows Phaedra Parks a naked photo of herself on her cell phone and gives her tips on how to pose perfectly in the buff.

Kenya Moore is planning a pageant. When Cynthia announced she was working on her second Miss Renaissance pageant, Kenya said she wasn’t the only one.  She hinted that “there may be two” pageants from the RHOA cast next year, and when pressed for details, coyly smiled and said, ”We’ll see.”

Cynthia is Apollo’s agent. Cynthia is officially representing Phaedra’s husband, Apollo, as a model.  We see some scenes of him at a photo shoot and even see her introduce him to her friend, Tyson Beckford. She says he is great for commercial and fitness work, and Phaedra says she has no problem with her man taking orders from her cast mate.

Kenya’s boobs and hair are real. During a trip to the spa with Phaedra and Kandi, the beauty queen reveals her Double D’s are the real deal.  Kandi is skeptical until she feels for herself and confirms that the “cantaloupes” are natural.  Later on in the night, Kenya teased plans for a hair care line, saying she’s constantly asked for advice because “it’s all my hair.”

Porsha is planning her next move.  The soon to be single woman is planning to launch a home décor line. Even though the reunion was filmed before Kordell Stewart filed for divorce, it seems she already had her career goals in sight.

Secret Squabbles.  We missed a disagreement between Porsha Stewart and Cynthia Bailey that erupted when Kenya Moore started a rumor.  The beauty queen told the model that Porsha said her relationship was “unnatural,” and insinuated they were lesbians.  When Cynthia confronted Porsha about the gossip, she denied it immediately.  Later, she scolds Cynthia for believing the banter in the first place, and the whole thing likely contributed to Cynthia’s decision to dismiss Porsha from her pageant duties.

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