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Al Sharpton Hiding His MUCH Younger Woman?

al sharpton and aisha mcshaw

Al Sharpton, 58 has a new flame and she’s over two decades younger than the outspoken activist.

Although he is staying tight-lipped about his love life, sources say he has been dating 35-year-old, Aisha McShaw for months.

“I’m his girlfriend,” she told the Daily News. She said she works as a “personal stylist” but was shooed away from reporters before she could elaborate. Her LinkedIn page says she’s a personal banker at Wells Fargo.

According to reports, Sharpton refused to answer questions about his date.

Why so secretive if he has her out in public?

This year, she has joined him for a few high profile events including the White House Correspondents Dinner and President Obama’s holiday party in December.

This may be the most serious relationship he has had since his 24-year marriage to his wife, Kathy ended in 2004.

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