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Amber & Candice Escape Elimination on ‘American Idol’


Things got scary on American Idol this week. Amber Holcomb and Candice Glover gave great performances on Wednesday night they failed to resonate with home viewers.

One of the ladies escaped elimination Thursday night, when Ryan Seacrest announced a surprise twist.  While both Candice and Amber landed in the bottom, they’ll stay around another week.  Since the judges didn’t use their save this season, the show has to compensate for an extra week in the schedule.  Now, they’ll combine scores from this week and next to gauge who is going home next week.

Judge, Nicki Minaj, said early in the season she wouldn’t use the save.  She was upset the other three judges didn’t back her decision to save the season’s first cast-off, Curtis Finch, Jr.

Now that there’s an extra week built in, the show will enjoy another night of singing from the first ever, all female final four.

Amber gave two strong performances this week, and had high hopes after pulling off a tough ballad. “I feel really good about tonight,” she said after Wednesday’s performance. “I feel like I did what I was supposed to do with those songs and I didn’t mess them up too bad.” She was right to feel confident, as her rendition of Celine Dion’s “Power of Love” was a showstopper; but voters didn’t agree.

Candice was also a standout this week, despite a terrible cold that affected her confidence. She took a big risk with her own soulful version of Drake’s, “Find Your Love.” She did so well, the rapper came to pay his respects to her on Thursday night’s results show, and thanked her for doing his song so proud.  Still, she found herself in the bottom bracket for the first time this season. “ I really didn’t want to admit that I had a cold,” she said. “I didn’t want to make excuses, but I had an all around off night.”

Now that both girls got a second chance, will America rally around them?  Let’s hope these girls get the support they deserve to stay in the game.

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