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Amber Holcomb Heads Home From ‘American Idol’

AMERICAN IDOL: Amber Holcomb. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

Thursday’s episode of American Idol was full of hope and heartbreak for the four female finalists.

It was especially stressful for Candice Glover and Amber Holcomb, as both ladies landed in the bottom last week.  After the surprise save spared both of them, the pressure was on for these two divas, who had one more week to convince the country they should stick around.

Both women had standout performances on Wednesday night, earning standing ovations from the judge’s panel.  Candice brought the house down with her version of Bruno Mars’ “If I Was Your Man,” and “You’ve Changed.”  Amber did an amazing job with “My Funny Valentine,” and Pink’s, “Learn To Love Again.”

At least one of the ladies is safe from a second trip to the chopping block when Ryan Seacrest announces Kree Harrison is in jeopardy.  Joining her is Amber again, and it’s almost certain she’s a goner before the announcement is made.

She struggled to keep her composure onstage Wednesday night while receiving reviews from the judges.  That night, she told us she was shocked to have been on the bottom the previous week, and puzzled about why she wasn’t connecting to home viewers.  “It was just overwhelming,” she said. “I got choked up because I thought I did good, and I just never know.”

When Ryan reads the results, the eighteen-year-old is crushed.  Mariah Carey melts into tears from the judge’s table while Nicki Minaj insists they all stay focused on what’s ahead.  “This is just the beginning,” she says.

She and the other judges constantly compared Amber’s killer control and range to Whitney Houston, and it was only appropriate she sing one of her hits as her final song.

She chooses “I Believe In You And Me,” and almost makes it through without crying. The other girls are a mess as she belts out her ballad and reminds the crowd what a talented teenager she is.

During post-show interviews, Amber was noticeably shaken, still grappling with the notion that her time on Idol is over. “I just need a minute,” she said through tear-filled eyes.

The Houston native will head back to her big family of several siblings for a short time before returning to Los Angeles for this season’s finale.  She’ll likely look forward to seeing her beau, Burnell Taylor, who was eliminated weeks ago.

Now it’s up to Candice Glover to take home the top spot.  She’ll go head to head against Kree Harrison and Angie Miller next week, when the finalists perform from their hometowns.

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