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Amber Rose Is Such A Tease! Check Out This New Photo She Posted!

amber rose and baby sebastian

Oh Amber Rose: why do you play with us so?

For months, we’ve been waiting for a full-on photo of her baby boy Sebastian — rap star Wiz Khalifa is her hubby and his dad — and we’ve been denied over and over again. At the most, she’s shown us super cute body parts — a baby foot, an arm, etc — but nothing more than that.

Then … she posted this photo. We can’t see that baby face (and we hear he’s the spitting image of his dad!) but this is the most revealing photo we’ve seen of young Bash yet. She was out on the town at the aquarium, and posted this: “Took Bashalini and my Lil brothers to the aquarium today. Bash liked the barracudas.”

Ah, well. We’ll take it. And wait a bit longer.

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