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Amina Buddafly SPEAKS On Pregnancy & Peter Gunz Betrayal: “I Would Die For Peter”

Even though we all watched Peter Gunz diss his wife and future baby’s mother, Amina Buddafly, on the Love & Hip Hop reunion, she’s still standing by her man.

She stopped by The Breakfast Club to dish details on her current relationship status and revealed how she felt when Peter refused to acknowledge her pregnancy announcement.

“That broke me. After the reunion we were on and off for a while,” she revealed.

“I didn’t want nothing to do with nothing, but you know how this love is. I love him to death. I would die for him.”

She says she understands why her husband dismissed her after she announced she was pregnant with his child.

“The thing is I told him in front of everyone and that’s what made him so mad,” she said. “He [felt] like he [couldn’t] trust me in that moment. Now he is excited, but he can’t openly say it like that because he feels guilty about Tara.”

Amina doesn’t mind the fact that her husband disses her in public because in private, he’s full of love.

“I know for a fact that he definitely loves me with his heart. Everyone notices that he’s not really open like, ‘Oh, I really love Amina.’ He never does that—ever,” she said.

“To me, he does it. He does [feel bad]. He’s very open with [his love for me], but anywhere Tara will see it, he won’t. It’s deep what he’s done to her.”

Now, the expectant mom is not concerned with the public’s perception of her marriage. “I just want everyone to let me be stupid and find out on my own,” she said.

“Then y’all can tell me, ‘Told you so.’”

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One Response to “Amina Buddafly SPEAKS On Pregnancy & Peter Gunz Betrayal: “I Would Die For Peter””

  1. LabyrinthCharming

    Pleeasse don’t listen to that disrespectful bald-headed guy his typical
    of american-made negro. Be you, don’t let them turn you into some
    over-barring women.  P.S you should have got up that left the interview…say your not feeling well.


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