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Azealia Banks SLAMS A$AP Rocky For His ‘Brown Skin Girl’ Makeup Tips


Earlier this week, A$AP Rocky made some ignorant comments during an interview with The Coveteur. His opinion? Women with darker skin tones should stay away from red and purple lipstick. Half of us are still trying to figure out what qualifies Rock as an authority on anything outside of a studio and the rest of us are taking a page from the Kenya Moore book of sayings. (Don’t come for us ‘less we send for you)

Harlem Rapper Azealia Banks, who launched her signature plum toned lip color ‘Young Rapunxel’ for MAC last year and gravitates to vibrant hues regularly when it comes to hair and makeup, took to her Twitter account recently to share her reaction to A$AP’s remarks.

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 1.32.39 PM

She kept it light at first but then later revealed that his comments actually really hurt.

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 1.40.09 PM

Rocky should just stick to what he knows. Rapping and rapping.

Image: Emily Shur, PAPER Mag

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  1. divafreida

    “Don’t come for us ‘less we send for you” lol


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