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B.A.P.S. Comes To Reality Television; Bourgie Girls Rejoice

Remember B.A.P.S, the 1997 comedic film starring Halle Berry & Natalie Desselle? Well, if you loved the wild hair, long nails and colorful style, get ready for more.  Lifetime network is using that same name for a new show.

Rumor has it that Lifetime TV is looking to start up a reality television series, following the lives of a “group of affluent and privileged African American friends in St. Louis” who are according to Lifetime TV & MadameNoire, are “are always dressed to the nines with egos in tow, and aren’t afraid to share their opinions about the men in their lives and about each another.”

From description, it sounds like Married to Medicine meets Real Housewives of Atlanta. Reportedly, the show is being produced as we speak (aka read) by Asylum Entertainment and scheduled to hit TV screens Summer 2014.

TELL US: Are you ready for a new reality show? High hopes for this show?

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