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Bambi On Benzino, Kirk’s Jumpoff & ‘Basketball Wives LA’

bambi and benzino

This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was so shocking, I hardly noticed another famous face creepin in the hot tub.  It turns out Kirk Frost’s jump-offs weren’t the only ones getting down and dirty in front of the cameras that night.

Bambi, from Basketball Wives LA, is the lady locking lips with Benzino in the Jacuzzi while Kirk cheats on his wife.

Now, she’s speaking out about how she got there, what she’s up to, and whether or not she’ll be back on Basketball Wives LA next season.

The Compton native says she wan’t planning on the on-screen hook up when she went to the lake that day. “Benzino and I met and we’re dating I guess you can say. That’s how it happened. He asked me to come to the cabin that night and that’s how it started,” she says.

“To be honest he was trying to do something with me like date and then he kissed me and I didn’t want to be rude and pullback. I didn’t want to do that to him. I didn’t want to embarrass or hurt his feelings, I didn’t.”

Now that she showed such kindness to Benzino’s ego on camera, she says the two didn’t quite work out.

“We dated for a little minute a short period nothing long, nothing serious. Maybe like a month or so,” she says. “He got a little too serious too fast. I just wasn’t into that at that time.”

As for Kirk’s outspoken other woman?

“I just want to clear that up she is not my friend at all. It’s my responsibility sometimes to kick it with fun girls and bring girls to the party,” she says.”I’m with a lot of girls all the time you know- what I won’t do somebody else probably will. She’s probably one of those girls who will.”

Now that she has another reality show appearance under her belt, Bambi says she probably won’t return to Basketball Wives next season.

“I heard that there will be another Basketball Wives but I cannot confirm that I will be a part of the show. I will be on another show,” she says. “I’m an artist and I have this lipstick gang. It will be more based around the things that I do in real life.”

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