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GET READY! Being Mary Jane Coming Back In January!

Gabrielle Union on red carpet

We were all mesmerized by the 2-hour television premiere/tv film/teaser of “Being Mary Jane” earlier this year. But now we’re downright pumped!

BET has announced that Gabrielle Union’s highly anticipated show will premiere this January 2014!

C’mon, you remember how on point this show was. There were plenty of jaw-dropping moments, and here are the ones — in no particular order! — that made viewers clutch the pearls!

Masturbating before a date to stay level headed! (This will prevent Mary Jane from sleeping with her ex too soon!)

Saving sperm from a condom and putting it in the freezer! (Look: Mary Jane wants to have a baby one day. And if she can’t get it the old fashioned way …)

Washing up in the sink and just “wiping the essential areas.” (Sometimes you don’t have time to shower …!)

Talking on the phone and reading a magazine while on the toilet. (Admit it. You’ve done this before. Plus, the other party doesn’t have to know which room you’re in — or what you’re doing — while on the phone.)

Watch the teaser and relive the excitement here!

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