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Being Mary Jane Recap: Daddy, Brother and Former Lover!

being mary jane

So what do we make of Being Mary Jane this week?

Last week, social media launched into a back and forth about her whole Side Chick conversation.

This week Andre (Omari Hardwick) moves in with 38-year-old Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) and he discovers … her post it notes. Ah, yes. Her Single Self Behavior is revealed and he doesn’t run.

Here are the five other things that we’re breaking social media about:

Mary Jane’s Daddy.

Um, for real? So Mary Jane’s mom is sick, she wants a better seat for some high falutin gala and her dad goes in to try to get the table they always get. But her mom’s “friend” clearly wants the patriarch of the family. And if he wants that much better table, he’s got to, um, put in work if he wants that Platinum Table!

Mary Jane and her Live-In Lover.

So Andre’s loft isn’t ready for a month and Mary Jane offers him to move in with her in the interim. Over dinner, she asks Andre to attend the gala as her date, he says that he doesn’t want to embarrass his wife anymore. “You’re hiding me too,” he tells her. He can’t go to the gala – a big high society Atlanta event – and would prefer to lay low. Mary Jane ends up taking her friend Lisa.

omari hardwick

Mary Jane and Terrence Mitchell.

We learn that Mary Jane is a Northwestern University graduate where she studied journalism (like show-creator Mara Brock Akil) and one of her former college buddy’s Terrance (Ludacris) is under fire. He’s a journalist and he’s made up some facts in a story and is lying and Mary Jane snakes an interview with him and we can tell from their first scene together that this whole thing isn’t going to go over well. Some of the facts in his articles are fabricated? His intentions are good, but … yeah, that was horrible. Yikes! He ends up not coming on her show and after her telecast, she vomits.

Mary Jane and her younger brother, Paul Jr.

Whoah! He’s got $78,000 in the bank. Paul Jr. tries to pawn it off as a bank error. He says he has $7,800 in his account because he took out a student loan. Dad isn’t buying it. He tells him to focus and graduate. Dad tells him that the family supports him, but he wants him to pay off the loan and come to him for help the next time. Something tells us he’s in – whatever it is he’s in – too deep.


Mary Jane and David.

Ah, the ex-boyfriend. We’ve been wondering when he was going to resurface. First thing we picked up on: Mary Jane’s family LOVES him. He looks to be the kind of guy MJ should be with. He tells Mary Jane she looks incredible and we can feel the heat and steam jump off almost immediately. “We haven’t spoken in a while, but you’re still talking to my parents” MJ says to him. “Am I supposed to cut them off just because we couldn’t get it together?” “Yes.” Hmmm. They dance together, and it’s clear there are still feelings. Then … David lowers the boom on Mary Jane as they’re slow dancing to “their song” … he’s seeing someone and it may be serious. But … why does Mary Jane seem so taken aback by this? She goes home to Andre. Seems a bit guilty. Andre picks up on something not right. Also seems like we’re about to be set up for a fun little love triangle.

What say you, CocoaFabs? #TeamDavid? Or #TeamAndre?

2 Responses to “Being Mary Jane Recap: Daddy, Brother and Former Lover!”

  1. Darnay

    MJ is living on a fake promise & she’s 2nd string. But it’s a greattttt show.

  2. gigishipp

    I think MJ is realizing what it is costing her to be with Andre and she is now uncomfortable with that decision.  David has moved on and suddenly she realizes she may have taken the wrong road.


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