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Beyonce Nabs No. 1 Spot In More Than 100 Countries With New Album

We already know that you purchased Beyonce new super secret album, complete with 17 new music videos.

After dropping her new self-titled project, the singer is No. 1 in more than 100 countries, an incredible feat for someone who never told anyone that she was preparing to release a new album! According to Billboard, her album (only available on iTunes) sold more than 430,000 units in just over a day, and had reached “gold” status by midday Friday. It’s likely that her album has sold more than 600,000 by Sunday.

She also performed her new single XO on a sot in Chicago over the weekend. (We’re all wondering if this or “Drunk In Love” with Jay Z will be her next single!)

“I’m gonna sing this song, it’s a brand new song and it hasn’t even been out for 24 hours. I’m gonna sing it for y’all because it was written for y’all but I can’t sing it alone. This is the first time and I’ll never forget it,” she told her fans before belting it out.


Can’t wait to get Monday’s totals. Go ‘head Beyonce!


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  1. DePoetik

    MyCocoaFab Beyonce there aren’t 100 countries in the world. Really? Someone should be fired!


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