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Beyonce's First Boyfriend Spills All In New Interview!

beyonce first boyfriend lyndall locke


This guy is singing a sad song. Lyndall Locke, who has the distinction of being Beyonce‘s first boyfriend, said in a new interview with the U.K’s Sun, that he dated Bey for nine years before she finally kicked him to the curb for cheating on her.

In the interview, he says “Beyonce was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen … and she’d still be mine if I’d not cheated on her.”

So why did he cheat on the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen? Before she didn’t believe in sex before marriage. She’s religious and she wanted to wait, he says, but he dipped out on Queen Bey.

Ah, well. Jay-Z won!

beyonce and lyndall-locke-2 beyonce and-lyndall-locke

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