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Black Twitter SLAMS Isaiah Washington For Telling Chris Rock to “Adapt”

Is this the new Black?

After Chris Rock took social media by storm tweeting out pics showing he had been pulled over three times in less than seven weeks by cops and perhaps racially profiled, another black actor, Isaiah Washington, offered up skewed advice to the comedian, causing a public backlash, according to The Root. 

Isaiah told Chris:

 “I sold my $90,000.00 Mercedes G500 and bought 3 Prius’s, because I got tired of being pulled over by Police. #Adapt @chrisrock.”

Adapt? Unfortunately Isaiah had no idea that telling black folks to adapt is the same as telling them to say “Yes Massa” and be good so they can live in the Big House as a House n—-. You know what I’m saying.

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Isaiah’s remarks were so controversial, CNN’s Don Lemon invited him on the show to clear the air and defend his beliefs that Chris should just adapt and change instead of living free like the Constitution allows for citizens of this country. Instead Isaiah put his foot further in his mouth.

“What I was doing was trying to excite a conversation. We are looking at this term ‘Driving While Black,’ but maybe we should be looking at the term ‘black’ itself and have a different conversation,” he said.

Not sure why Chris has to look at the term black differently if he IS a black man.

He continued:

“He needs to look at the area he is in and visit with the local police officers in that community… and question them as to why they are pulling him over specifically,” Washington continued.

“But that is putting a burden on him,” Don countered.

“We’ve been burdened for 400 years… We are in a situation where we have to survive in extreme circumstances with people who are angry and those who are practicing white supremacy — they are on the hunt and they are angry,” Washington said to a visibly perplexed Lemon. “The onus is on us. If we don’t survive, we don’t live to fight another day — and that is what I was saying to adapt.”


Of course Black Twitter had a field day with Isaiah’s backward thinking commentary and the hashtag #TweetLikeIsaiahWashington took flight bashing Isaiah’s way of thinking. Check out these tweets:

It really got ugly. The sad thing is Isaiah was in the middle of resurrecting his career promoting the Blackbird movie with Mo’Nique. Now it looks like he might have stumbled again. If nothing else black folks sure don’t have his back.

POLL: What do you think of Isaiah’s idea of “adapting?”

Check out the video above of his CC interview.

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