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‘Blood Sweat And Heels’ Recap: Love & Hate In NYC

demetria lucas

Brie Bythewood, Daisy Lewellyn, Demetria Lucas, Geneva S. Thomas, Melyssa Ford and Mica Hughes are bringing big dreams and big attitude to the Big Apple in Blood, Sweat And Heels. 

The show premiered on Bravo Sunday night and introduced six feisty women with big opinions and even bigger egos to the world.

So far, we know these ladies have their sights set on success, but they’re also vying for the top spot on the social totem pole if the first episode is any indication.

Daisy  is a beauty blogger who hosted a brunch series in Brooklyn and invited all the ladies. Mica owns a modeling agency and swoons over her man, Terry who waits on her hand and foot. Demetria writes a blog about relationships and appears to be one of the more outspoken girls in the group.

Meanwhile, Melyssa plays nice with the ladies but is working hard to jumpstart her career in real estate. Brie seems a bit more reserved than the rest and Geneva is a bit of an instigator so far.

During the brunch event, the women gets in a heated discussion about why men cheat and whether or not a woman can rule the world. For some reason, Demetria gets extremely upset about the topics and decides she may need new friends based on the beliefs they shared during the chat.

Even though all the ladies attended the brunch, they couldn’t wait to get back home and talk smack about Daisy’s event. Mica also revealed that her past with Terry isn’t picture perfect and she actually stole him from a woman he was with for twenty years before they met.

Demetria decides to blog about the brunch conversation and basically badmouths the girls who gave their genuine opinions. Everyone is offended by the blog post even though she didn’t mention any names and all the girls have plans to confront her about her blog. Geneva also insists that Demetria is a hypocrite and the girls are already planning their attack.

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