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Bobby Brown NOT HAPPY Over Bobbi Kristina’s Engagement!

bobby brown angry

Bobby Brown isn’t happy about his daughter’s plans to walk down the aisle.

When approached by a TMZ photographer and asked how excited he was about his daughter’s engagement, he simply says, “I’m not.”

Bobbi Kristina’s daddy doesn’t seem pleased about her plans to marry her boyfriend/ brother, Nick Gordon.

“When your daughter gets married, it’s different,” he says. “It’s not a question of whether I like him or not.”

Gordon was raised by Whitney Houston like a son, although he was never formally adopted by the Houston family.

When asked if he approves of the union, the singer’s response reflected his irritation. “When he calls me I’ll figure that out…No, there’s no date.”

By the end of the awkward conversation, Bobby makes a half-hearted effort at support. “I just want her to be happy.”

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