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‘Braxton Family Values’ Recap: Baby Bump, Burial & Birthday Bash…Braxton Style


The women of Braxton Family Values deliver another drama-free week, despite a death in the family.

The family gathers for a funeral.  Evelyn’s dog, Jackson, has died from undisclosed health issues at six years old.  Although she never liked the pup, Tamar gives a heartfelt sendoff through song and the rest of the sisters sing back up from the pews.

After the service, Evelyn announces that she is moving to LA to be with Tamar during her pregnancy.  Half the table is ecstatic and the other half looks like someone just stole their momma, especially Towanda. Toni is relieved she’ll be close to her mom, especially since her heath problems prohibit her from flying at will.

Trina reveals that she and Gabe are also considering a move to the West Coast, but they’re waiting to hear where her son is admitted to college. The real reason she wants to move is to revive her solo career.

Tamar’s doctor is Dr. Jackie Walters of Married To Medicine.  She has delivered most of the Braxton babies and advises Tamar to work out. No surprise coming from the fitness fanatic.

Traci is on a secret mission to get her motorcycle license.  Even though she promised her mother she would give up the dangerous idea weeks ago, she’s planning on riding in to her mom’s birthday bash on two wheels. Why one earth would she think that would go over well?

She must have changed her mind because there’s no sign of drama at the party. The sisters sing their soulful version of the birthday song in perfect harmony and Tamar can’t help but roll her baby bump.

Traci surprises the girls with her bike at their farewell lunch.  Her mom is nowhere near as upset as expected, but she’s still not happy about the new hobby.

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