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Can Candice Take The ‘Idol’ Crown?


American Idol is finally down to its top 2 contenders after eliminating Angie Miller on Thursday night. Candice Glover will fight for the top spot at next week’s finale; putting a black girl in the finals for the first time since Jordin Sparks in 2007.

After a fighting a fierce, all-female Top 5, Candice’s killer range and consistent composure have kept her in the game, but does she have what it takes to beat country contender, Kree Harrison?

My money is on Candice for the win.  After Amber Holcomb’s depressing departure, this girl stands alone when it comes to sheer talent.  Although Kree has a killer voice and super sweet personality, there’s no way she can overcome Candice’s powerful pipes.

Truth be told, it was likely her personality that proved victorious over Angie Miller, who flat out beat her on Wednesday’s performance show.  Still, the brown-haired beauty with two deceased parents powered through the results show and was pleasantly surprised to hear she was staying.

Candice, on the other hand, had nothing to fear, as her three-song set on Wednesday made her a sure-win for the finale. Her show-closing rendition of  “Somewhere,” from West Side Story earned the only standing ovation of the night.

Music mogul, Jimmy Iovine, told the crowd she belonged in the final round on Thursday. “She did a job that every Idol ever has wanted to do. She had that moment — a moment we’ve seen Mariah have, Whitney have,” he said. “If she goes home, I’m going with her.”

Despite the throngs of support, Candice was somehow surprised to hear she made it through again. “I gave myself the talk, ‘if you go home, it’s all right’. So I was definitely surprised,” she said after Thursday’s results show. “Did you see me run?”

She won’t have to run any longer now that the nation has validated her voice with a spot on the finale stage.

“I’m mentally and musically preparing myself and digging deep into my songs,” she said. “But first: “I need eight hours of sleep.”

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