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Amber Holcomb Shines And Candice Glover Makes History on ‘American Idol’


Wednesday’s episode of American Idol was the most exciting episode of the season, hands down.  It featured a performance from Candice Glover that is arguably the best the twelve-year-old show has ever seen.

Amber Holcomb was the other stand out of the night, delivering two terrific renditions and staking her claim on the competition.

Both ladies had all four judges singing their praises and Candice literally brought Keith Urban to his knees.

First, Amber does a cover of “I Say a Little Prayer” and nails it. Despite losing her beau, Burnell Taylor, to last week’s elimination, she’s absolutely beaming.

“Oh my gosh.  What in the hell just happened right now? I am bowing down for you right now little girl.  You are unbelievable Amber.  You are everything.  Just now, with that combined with everything you have done, you have just become my favorite girl in this competition,” gushes Nicki Minaj. Sometimes when your boyfriend ain’t around you can really focus.  You were really confident today and so comfortable and you owned that song. Yes Ma’m!“

Randy Jackson concurs, making the first of several huge statements of the night. “The competition just started tonight, y’all,” he exclaims.  “Amber has arrived!” Mariah Carey babbles and babbles and agrees with everyone else on the panel, as usual.  She does, however, look particularly sunning, better every week for sure.

Her second song, Beyonce’s, “Love On Top” is another winner. The up-tempo choice allows her to show off her killer moves, killer personality, and killer legs.  “Beyoncé better watch out wherever she is,” teases Nicki. “ You have arrived in every sense of the word…The stallion legs is poppin, you gave me everything I ever wanted in life honey child!”

Candice’s first flawless performance is a made over version of “Don’t Make Me Over.” She adds such character and range to the song it seems brand new.  Everything about this delivery is perfect.

“So good! So crazy good,” declares Randy. Nicki is floored too. “This is what you were born to do.  You didn’t learn how to do this; you were born to do this.  That’s all I can say, that was exquisite.”

When Candice takes her second turn, it’s game over.  For. The Season. Maybe for the series. She attacks Adele’s version of “Love Song” by The Cure. The only word to describe her delivery is remarkable.  It’s beyond comprehension that this girl isn’t already a superstar.  After this performance, she will go down in the Idol history books forever.

Keith bows at her feet when she’s done and even Mariah rises to her feet. Randy calls it the best performance the show has ever had. The whole studio is in an utter uproar and when it finally dawns on Candice that she soared to such heights, she melts into happy tears.  So do I.  You go girl!

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