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EXCLUSIVE: Candid Convo With The Cast of ‘Hollywood Divas’

Hollywood Divas is bound to light up Tinseltown!

This brand new reality show on TV One follows five accomplished actresses; Elise Neal, Golden Brooks, Paula Jai Parker, Countess Vaughn and Lisa Wu.

CocoaFab had the opportunity to sit with all five ladies to discuss their new reality show, personal life and the next stage of their career.

CocoaFab:  What has been the hardest part of being a black actress in Hollywood?

Golden Brooks: Elise and I both come from the same pedigree in regards to our training, we did it very traditional, not that reality shows or reality stars are bad, I’m doing one. I think ours is different……Now and days it’s all about how many Instagram and Twitter follow people have, and I get the importance of that. However, using that to gauge if a person is bookable or they should be put in a movie because they have 2.5 million followers is crazy. I just want people to know that even though we are in the social media/Reality culture, that training is the first and foremost and talent always rises to the Top.”

Elise Neal: I have no problem with reality stars or anybody in reality TV or anyone who wants a new platform, that’s where we are in the world. The platform is actually what gets people jobs now and day……Just like Golden said. That’s not my problem. The problem is if you don’t take it seriously and if you don’t study the craft.

CocoaFab: Lisa, we see from the first show you get some push back from your fellow actresses as to whether or not you are a trained professional actress? What do you say to that?

Lisa Wu: I never felt the need to impress anyone because they really didn’t know my history or background. Coming in, I knew there will be some shade, they will be like wait a minute why is she on this show? (laughing) What I knew, and what people in the industry knew is that I started out writing and Producing for years. I started writing for Tyler Perry, he directed a play I wrote. I knew I could do the work, I’ve studied, I wasn’t worried at all.

CocoaFab: Countess, you have been in the industry for over 20 years. What’s different now?

Countess Vaughn: It’s basically starting all over. They knew me as a child and now I am a woman. So, it has not been easy. This show is an opportunity for people to catch up on what I’ve been doing.


CocoaFab: The show is called Hollywood Divas. Do you consider yourself a diva?”

Golden Brooks: That word “diva” has such a negative connotation to it, but I know in what the sense of what this is. I know it’s like someone being at the Top of their game.

Elise Neal: The word has been around for many years, but it also represents to me, “Old Hollywood Glam” as supposed to a negative connotation. Diva means, an amazing strong woman who knows what they want.

CocoaFab: How do you find that perfect balance the perfect balance when it comes to being a mother and a working actress, auditioning for roles?

Golden Brooks: As an actress and being a mom, there’s a certain swag that comes along with that. You have to keep, like Jessica Alba says….that “Mojo” and that’s hard to do when you are making spaghetti O’s and cleaning Goldfish out the back of your car (Laughing) It’s tough to really focus on yourself. I just really have to do time management, and letting my daughter know that mommy is out there trying to be somebody amazing and give you a legacy.


Paula Jai Parker: For me, it’s having a lot of help and people you can trust.

CocoaFab: Elise, what did you want to get out of doing this show?

Elise Neal: What was great for me on the show was that I loved the fact that I was able to do it traditionally, but I do know that a lot of my fans don’t know a lot about me. They don’t know that I bowl, cause I’m dope! (Laughs) They don’t know how I am with my friends and family. They know nothing about me. I did this show because I wanted them to know more about be. They are going to see five women that they think they know, but know they’re really going to know.

If you want to get to know these ladies, don’t forget to tune in to Hollywood Divas Wednesdays at 10pm EST on TV One.

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