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CASTING NEWS: LeBron James To Appear In An Episode Of ‘Survivors Remorse’

From behind the scenes as an executive producer to in front of the camera as a guest star, LeBron James is coming to Survivors Remorse!

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The hit Starz series is currently in production on the second season and show creator Mike O’Malley recently gave TheWrap an exclusive spoiler. “I’m flying to Cleveland tonight because we’re going to shoot LeBron in the show.”

O’Malley says that James has been heavily involved in pitching story lines for the series that are loosely based on his personal experiences as the star of the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers.

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“Professional athletes are, in any given city, the heroes of that city. They are the villains in other cities. That’s a complex thing for a young man or a young woman to go through. I think LeBron has been great in giving us some perspective as to what that’s like.”

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James is also headed to the big screen and will play a conceited wingman in the upcoming Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow comedy Trainwreck.

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He is also slated to appear along side Kevin Hart in the film Ballers where he will play (drum roll please…) a professional athlete.

Having played basketball nearly all his life and professionally for the past twelve years, O’Malley shares that James was an integral part of Survivor’s Remorse securing a second season with added episodes.

“He certainly has creative influence on what is authentic, what is accurate, what is real, what a professional athlete goes through based on some of the challenges that he’s gone through.”

Survivor’s Remorse premieres August 22 at 9:30pm on Starz.

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