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CASTING NEWS: Nene Leakes, Porsha Williams & Kenya Moore RETURNING To ‘RHOA’


Despite rumors of major cast changes, it looks like Bravo has decided to bring back all of the ladies for the next season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

According to reports, the network is finalizing negotiations with the whole cast, including Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams.

Plenty of fans feared at least one of the ladies would get the axe after the explosive reunion brawl that landed Porsha behind bars.

Nene Leakes is returning to the show as well after months of suggesting she may be done with the series.

Now, it seems all of the women will be back to battle it out on the show’s seventh season.

We’re guessing these girls couldn’t pass up the coin that comes with a hit show.

POLL: Should Kenya come back?

12 Responses to “CASTING NEWS: Nene Leakes, Porsha Williams & Kenya Moore RETURNING To ‘RHOA’”

  1. malon

    why not,she puts it  out like it is  who the hell is nene  moose she what is her line

  2. Fan of Bravo

    No, Kenya should not come back.. please the girl  don’t even have a husband so why is she on RHOA? She is nothing more than a sad  girl with no man, no life, and likes to pretend she is Scarlet on “Gone with the Wind.” as for me I never did see a  Miss Scarlet that was not white.

  3. Naptown60

    Kenya should not come back.  She is trouble and very deceptive.

  4. malon

    I  dont know    about her coming back, but needs to get a life, why is she even on the show  I thought it was called  housewives

    • magdymagdy

      Kandi wasnt marry before, porsha is divorced none of then are wives why they in show?

  5. mobil751

    I am happy every one is coming back except Kenya. Kenya is an old evil
    woman that is just used up and burnt out.

  6. Mikiedo

    Kenya’s lies are, in my opinion, damaging to the franchise credibility. How can you say the ‘Real

  7. Mikiedo

    con’t. …Housewives of Atlanta when everything coming from Krayonce’s mouth is questionable? Bravo should order psychological test on this woman. Any man who ends up dating her should have the same. Krayonce is the true definition of ratchet.

    • magdymagdy

      Talking about ratchet how about the bully big mouth disrespectful nene and Porsha talking lies about her ex n Phaedra married to ex con?? Is that not ratchet?

  8. SusanTobyEmmanuel

    Kenya should be the highest paid because she is the star of the show.


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