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CASTING NEWS: Terrence Howard and Sanaa Lathan to star in Macbeth Adaptation!


Talk about making history: Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan and Harry Lennix will star in a new film version of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth!

The film is called “Macbett,” and also stars Blair Underwood and Evan Ross (mom is Diana Ross!) and will be written and directed by Aleta Chappelle, who is the first black woman to direct a film version of a Shakespeare play. Nice!

Howard also will executive produce the film.

The film goes into production In September and will be shot in in Jamaica and Puerto Rico. reports that “in the new film, General Macbett (Howard) meets the ‘weird sisters,’ who reign over earth, water, fire and sky as the spirit daughters of Mother Africa. As the sisters manipulate Macbett by telling him he will soon become king, Macbett and his beautiful wife Lady Macbett (Lathan) become obsessed with ambition.”

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    @adena_andrews @KelleyLCarter I noticed that too. Good ish!

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      @kareemcopeland @kelleylcarter right. She got ALL THE JOBS! go head.

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          Basically. 😉 RT @kareemcopeland @adena_andrews @kelleylcarter That’s that Detroit hustle!


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