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Chris Brown Breaks Up With Rihanna For Good & We’ve Got Proof

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Karreuche, you can breathe a sigh of relief… at least for now.

It appears that Chris Brown and Rihanna are officially over, in more ways than one! After initially building buzz for his upcoming sixth studio album “X” by saying it would feature a collabo track with his on-again, off-again boo Rihanna, Breezy has now apparently changed his mind. The song, entitled “Put It Up”, was not included in the album’s track list, according to a source.

“Just saw the working tracklist for ‘X’ yesterday — Rihanna is not on there,” the source told Hollywood Life. “Record execs wanted that song on there, but Chris said he would rather not and wouldn’t allow the record to be released unless they took it off.”

In the past, the duo has split and come back together to make hit music (“Nobody’s Business” off of Rih’s album “Unapologetic”) that not only got the fans excited but made the record execs tons of money. But it looks like the piggy bank has burst. The Chris & Rih money tree is no longer bearing fruit.

The source says the record company executives are still trying to convince him to reconsider, even dangling a bigger check for the star to make him change his mind. Because the record hasn’t been presses yet, all of you Chris and Rih stans can hold out hope that the song may still make the cut.

Whatever happens, there’s one person breathing a sigh of relief: Karreuche Tran. The fashion designer is apparently back in the arms of her man Chris and holding him even tighter. We expect to see them boo’d up on the red carpet this weekend at the BET Awards.

TELL US: Do you think this is the end of Chris Brown and Rihanna? Have they split for good like Ike and Tina?

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