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Chris Brown Deletes His Twitter Account (Again)


After a profanity-laced Twitter fight with comedienne Jenny Johnson, Chris Brown deleted his Twitter account (again). To be fair to Breezy, Johnson did initiate the Twitter beef. Brown posted a picture of himself (seen above) and he noted that he looked much older than his 23 years in the picture. Johnson responded “Being a worthless piece of s*** can really age a person.” Oh.

It was on from there. For whatever reason, Brown decided to respond to this seemingly random person and it became an expletive-filled (mostly on Brown’s part) back and forth that had Brown talking quite a bit about Johnson being a ummmm “garden tool” and her performing oral sex on him. Keep it classy, Breezy.

Towards the end of his rant, Brown tweeted “Just ask Rihanna if she mad????” Chris. C-Breezy. Boo Boo. You must keep a cool head. Jenny Johnson is known in the comedy world, but she’s not nearly as famous as you. She doesn’t have a brand to protect on a grand scale. You do. You’re back with the ex you pummeled a few years ago. You two are grown and like you all said, it’s “Nobody’s Business.” Not too much anybody can do about the legal behavior of two consenting adults. But you are still a public figure. It might be “nobody’s business,” but folks are still in it and that’s the reality. Act like you know this.

For the full NSFW run-down of the Brown/Johnson tweets, go to Entertainment Weekly‘s Pop Watch.

Do you think Chris Brown was wrong for his tirade against the comedienne?

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Chris Brown is 23 years old and that is what most fail to realize he is still a kid.  My problem with him is that he lets these non-factor folks get to him and then he shows his ugly side.  They are just words and words has not killed anyone!! I think stars assume that they are exempt from being talked about!!LOL!! NEWS FLASH you are not!! You are human meaning you are no different from the next. People are going to talk they talked about JESUS so who do you think you are?? I am not making up excuses for his behavior in no kind of way but at the end of the day I look at him as a young boy still trying to find himself.


He doesnt know how to check his emotions. He is getting too old for this


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