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Chris Brown Fighting Frank Ocean Again!

chris brown

Chris Brown is doing what he does best, fighting back, but in this case he’s using legal means by filing a countersuit over the Frank Ocean brawl in West Hollywood.

Back in January, Chris and Frank got into an argument outside a recording studio back.  During the scuffle, the building was damaged and Frank’s cousin, Sha’Keir Duarte, claimed he was kicked and beaten by one of Brown’s bodyguards.  Duarte sued Chris in August for his injuries.

Now Chris has fired back, claiming Duarte provoked the fight by threatening to kill him.  In the countersuit, obtained by TMZ, C. Breezy is claiming that Duarte kicked and punched him.

Of course this comes on the heels of Chris checking into rehab for anger management and him facing criminal assault charges in D.C. Nevertheless in this altercation, Chris claims he attempted to avoid the confrontation “with the aggressive and hostile Mr. Duarte.”

This story looks like it’s far from over.

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