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Word! Chris Brown Says He’s Focusing On Music, Not Drama

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Tuesday in LA a chipper and energetic Chris Brown took the stage to talk about being one of the main performers for the BET Awards and the BET Experience Weekend set to start June 28th.

While he’s been at the center of a Twitter battle with on-again, off-again ex Rihanna, C. Breezy turned all of his attention to music. “I’m always trying to strive [toward] giving the fans what they want,” Chris said. Teasing his upcoming performance at the BET Awards, he says, “I like to do over the top stuff as far as theatrics, so I always want to bring something new and original. I don’t want to give away too much, but anything can happen. I just want to give it my all so y’all should be ready.”

Fresh from shooting a new music video, Chris also got the crowd of press excited when he announced a new collaboration for his upcoming single.   He’s tapping archival Aaliyah vocals for an upcoming track on his new “X” album.  Could this be a stab at Drake, who used Aaliayh’s vocals for “Enough Said”?

“The song is dedicated to all my fans and it’s called ‘They Don’t Know’ and it features never before heard vocals from Aaliyah,” Chris announced. Snap! Take that Drake, Chris ain’t using old ish. (note sarcasm)

TELL US: Are you looking forward to Chris performing at the BET Awards on June 30th? And what do you think his new song will sound like?

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