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Chrisette Michele On Dating


“It’s not easy for me to date one person at a time. I’d rather have fun with alotta different people. And then if somebody sticks, then they stick. If I were to date a high profile type of person, I find athletes to be very motivated. I find rappers to be very cool, they’re like these sexy poets …”

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Weekly, Grammy award winning R&B artist Chrisette Michele had this to say when asked about her dating life. The soulful beauty went on to mention that maybe DMV bred rapper Wale would make a pretty cool date. The two collaborated on her 2009 record, Fragile and again this year for Rich Hipster upcoming mixtape Audio Visual Presentation: Audrey Hepburn (due out December 8th) Chrisette has been coined as a younger Billie Holiday type and with a voice and looks like hers, it’s hard to imagine why Wale is still rapping about not being able to find somebody out here in these streets. *chuckles*

“I’m finally interested in falling in love…so the sadness that you might’ve heard in the album that I just did before and the one before that isn’t there, this is a hopeful album,” she told Singersroom earlier this month, referring to her fourth LP, Better (early 2013)

Check out the video for her newest single, Charades

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