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CLASSY or CLICHE: Jay Z Dedicates Song To Nelson Mandela At LA Concert

jay-z performing

Jay Z performed a show-stopping tribute to Nelson Mandela in L.A.

In front of thousands at LA’s Staples Center, Hova performed “Young Forever” aka ‘forever young’ with a huge image of Nelson Mandela displayed in the background. Fans and audience members screamed in support as they put their cellphones in the air.

During the intro to his hit, “Young Forever” … Jay told the Staples Center crowd last night, “We wanna dedicate this song to Nelson Mandela.”

However, if it sounds familiar, then you’ve got a great memory. That’s because he laid down the same exact tribute to Trayvon Martin just a few months ago.


While the song is a great one and the sentiment was probably in the right place, we can’t help but wonder whether this was a cehap trick to simply reference Mandela’s passing and to sound somewhat political. Of course, Jay Z has gotten his fair share of criticism recently for being all talk and no action (cough, cough: Barney’s shopping while black & Trayvon Martin).

TELL US: Is this a heartfelt tribute or a reheated tribute to seem empathetic?

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