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Cover Girl! Lauren London Stunts on Vibe Vixen, “I Get Holly-hood!”


Lauren London puts it all out there in the new issue of Vibe Vixen.

As the new star of BET’s fan-favorite sitcom The Game, the saucy starlet is back in Hollywood making moves and starring alongside Tinseltown’s brown-faced elite. Plus, London is playing Paula Patton’s little sis and bride-to-be in David E. Talbert’s Baggage Claim, due later this year.

While she’s in the generation of celebs tweeting and Instagramming all of life’s moments, Lauren’s personal life–the intimate details, at least–remains off-limits. Behind the curtain? A semi-vet who is admittedly in the business but not of it. “My life, my son’s life, my soul and who I am as a person means much more to me than the limelight,” she explains. “[Acting] is what I chose to do, not who I am.” No matter how much blogs try to peel back specifics, Lauren remains tight-lipped. “If they want to see more of me, go rent your movies or watch the show.”

Here are the highlights from the cover story:

What do you think young women can learn from other 20somethings on TV, especially on HBO’s phenomenon Girls? Are they true to the real experience of a 20something-year-old girl today?
What these characters show you is raw vulnerability, that it’s okay to not have it all together and in the process of getting it together, you’re going to make mistakes. That’s how you learn. That’s what all these characters kind of possess. In the process of figuring it out, you mess up, but in those slip-ups, that’s how you figure it out.

You say you didn’t have too many wild moments. But is there a lesson you learned in your early 20s that you carry with you now?
Starting my career, there was a lot of rejection going on. I remember my dad telling me that if you let that define you, they’ll basically make you nothing. You have to define yourself. Every time you hear a no, it’s one step closer to a yes. Jobs come and go, so I don’t get too down on myself. You have to stay self-motivated. If you wait for someone else to motivate you, you’ll be waiting for a long time. You have to really be your own cheerleader. Even if you don’t feel all that way in the moment, tell yourself that you’re enough.

Any lessons learned from your mom, ones you’ll pass down to your son?
Being resilient. No matter what, never giving up on your dreams. It sounds cliché but it’s so real. She grew up struggling, but she was always very positive, no matter how bad things came. We kept a positive outlook because your perception is everything. It is your reality. That is something I want to pass down to my child. My mom was very into inner beauty. She would say all the time, “Being cute is cute, but who are you on the inside?”

Smart woman. So, who are you?
I’m still growing and still learning. I’m okay with the process. I understand the growing pains a little more than I did. I’m more trusting with the process and it doesn’t come easy. I question it sometimes.

What is one main thing you’re still learning?
Faith and thicker skin. Not letting what people have to say about me matter so much.

You get a lot of bullshit, especially in the media. Have you always had that will to fight back in you?
I’m not going to front. I’m not a lover, I’m a fighter. I will forget that I am Hollywood and get Holly-hood [Laughs].

But a lot of gossip is just rumors since you’re so private.
I was always a private person. My business is my business. I have a small group of friends, and I just like the simple things out of life. My privacy is something that I value. I’m also socially awkward.

Read the full interview on Vibe Vixen.

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