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EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kimble on ‘LA Hair’ Season 2 Drama, Fights and Surprise Celeb Clients!

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Written by cortney2013

Posted 06/07/13

Kim Kimble is back for a second season of her hit show, LA Hair and ready to bring more hair-raising drama to WeTV.

CocoaFab caught up with the stylist to stars like Beyonce, Michelle Williams and Faith Evans at the season 2 premiere party at her brand new Hollywood salon.

CF: Are you still filming? Have you seen any scenes?

KK: We’re done filming, it’s all in the can and there are twelve episodes.  I’ve seen the first episode and the teaser, but I haven’t gotten to see the whole show. I lived it so I know what’s going on. It’s really funny to me.  When you’re going through it, it doesn’t feel as funny as when you watch it. It’s hilarious to me.  I enjoy seeing the hair and creating the styles for the show.  A lot of people I’m working with for projects, we got to capture that.  To go back and watch how it translates is one of my highpoints of the show.

CF: Do you ever cringe at the things you see on the show?

KK: Absolutely.  First of all, seeing yourself on TV is insane and you pick everything apart.  Like, why do I look like that? Sometimes I look back and go ‘Wow, I could have done that different’.  I think in business, everybody learns and you continue to learn and grow.  This is a learning experience and this is about growth. I moved into a new space, we’re building our business, our careers and it’s a lot of pressure. It’s growth.

Growth is important and we all need that and you learn how to grow in your business.  I hope people get educated and inspired. I think that it does help some people see that they could do it too. It’s not perfect, things happen.  You have to learn how to grow from it and not give up until you make up.

CF: Anything you did differently after having a season under your belt?

KK: You also want to be more guarded, but at the end of the day you forget the cameras are there and just go on.  I was very protective at the beginning about doing a reality show, but we got a lot of love from people and they were inspired.

People ask me questions about business and being an entrepreneur and I know there’s a purpose here.  I knew there was, but I can see the purpose a lot clearer now.  I feel like I represent my industry and someone has to do it.

I want to be the next Madame C.J. Walker and this may be the route I have to take. It’s important for people to see women in business on TV, working together.

CF: Do you ever feel the weight of representing black women on reality television?

KK: I’m very aware of it and it helped me in the decision.  Things always look easier than they are. I was like, ‘I’m not gonna be yelling and fighting and acting crazy like I see these people doing!’

People are human and they get emotional sometimes and it happens.  If I’ve done something wrong, I’ll go back and apologize.  I have a 13-year-old son and he’s not gonna see his momma on there going up somebody’s head with a chair.  I always have to think about him and other little girls and boys that are watching.  I just want to be a good representative out in this world.

CF: How do your celebrity clients feel about the show?

KK: I’ve been working with my clients for years and they know me very well. So many of them support and celebrate me.  They’re into their hair, always.  That’s why I have a job and a business.  They know I’m quality, I’m about business, and I’m professional.

They know me.  They know who I am no matter what they see on TV or what goes down.  These relationships have been around for a while and I have a good reputation in the industry, so that’s a blessing and I’m very happy.  At the end of the day, no matter what they’re still gonna have me do their hair!

CocoaFab: What will fans see this season?

KK: They’re gonna get to see me in my new space.  There are some new cast members on the show and some old ones are back.  It’s very entertaining. Its funny and of course, there’s drama.  That’s what’s natural in a salon. We have great celebrities on the show.  Some of the celebs were so much fun and so entertaining.

Lisa Raye is on the show this season and I’ve worked with her since she was on Players Club.  I’m excited for people to see how funny she is.  She was very cool. I took some risk with that one and it went well.

CF: Is there still a lot of drama going on this season?

KK: Hair salons are drama.  Everybody who has been to a hair salon know it’s drama. There have been worse things that go on at a salon.  I think that the cast is talented and people see that they’re talented, funny, and we have a lot of love too.

CF: Whose hair are you dying to get your hands on?

KK: I want to do Prince’s hair.  For a man, his style is great.  I work for a lot of women, so maybe I would do someone like Miguel or Bruno Mars.

CF: Do people treat you differently now that you’re a celebrity too?

KK: I’m a hairstylist first.  Sometimes I forget that I’m on TV.  A stranger will recognize me and I’ll have to remind myself, ‘oh wait, I did a show.’ I stay humble, that’s just who I am.  I go on a job and I still do it the same way.  If I’m a diva now I was a diva before, you know what I mean? It’s strange. People act different but I don’t act any different.

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