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EXCLUSIVE! Kimberly Elise: “I’m Having One Of The Best Times Of My Life”

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After a run of very intense roles where she was either a woman scorned, abused or on the brink of a meltdown, Kimberly Elise is excited to simply laugh on camera. As the mother hen on the new hit show “Hit The Floor”, Kimberly Elise not only escapes tragic roles but she gets to be surrounded by energetic 20-somethings dancing to bangers by Beyonce.

“I’ve done a lot of heavy stuff in my career. I didn’t want to do the same old thing,” Kimberly Elise tells CocoaFab exclusively. “This is just out of the box completely. To have the experience of being on a network that is about music, fun and energy has been great. I’m having one of the best times of my life.”

Kimberly Elise plays Sloane, one of the original Devil Girl dancers, who has gotten out of the professional dancing world but is pulled back in thanks to her daughter, played by Taylour Paige, who has just earned a spot on the squad. On the eve of the second episode, which airs tonight on VH1, viewers have already been enticed by catfights, sexy dancing, an endearing mother-daughter relationship and a possible love affair between Kimberly Elise and Dean Cain, who plays a basketball coach on the show.

“I love Taylour so much, she’s so much fun to work with. Ironically, Taylour’s character and my real life daughter are the exact same age. They’re going through similar things in life.”

Kimberly Elise’s full time gig is as the mom of two daughters, one 23 and one 14, so wrangling groups of girls, like she does on the show, is no sweat. “my motto with my family has always been that they come first,” says the vegan who calls Los Angeles home. Before heading to set everyday, she’s helming carpool to school and after shooting it’s dinner and homework. Her youngest “comes to set and she hangs out. She loves the show and thinks it’s cool that I’m on VH1.”

But as the plot thickens on the show, Kimberly will have to do the uncool mom thing and fast forward through the racy parts. “She will not be seeing some of the scenes with Dean and I, you’ll see that down the line.” Is that a clue of what’s to come? Perhaps a steamy sex scene or two? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

To stay in shape and sane amidst the Hollywood shuffle, Kimberly Elise ascribes to the uber popular and healthy SoCal lifestyle. Whether she’s hitting yoga class or going for her daily walks with her German Shepherd dog, Kimberly Elise is the picture of health. She’s even got Taylour interested in being vegan. “Every morning I drink a big green smoothie and she’s like ‘what’s that?’ She just takes notes and doing more research about the lifestyle.”

Unlike many big screen actresses, Kimberly Elise isn’t worried about staying thin; her lifestyle is more about peace of mind. “There was a time in my early 30s when I realized that everything is as it should be. Whatever you’re going through, accept it, allow it and know that it’s for your greater good. That was a huge lesson for me. Whether it’s a job you want to get or a relationship, it’s always in your greater good. That keeps me happy and grateful.”

Tune in to VH1’s Hit The Floor on Monday 9/8c!

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