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COVERED: KeKe Palmer Covers KONTROL Magazine; Inks New Lead TV Show Role

Not only does Keke Palmer grace the cover of the the latest issue of KONTROL Magazine, but we’ve got their behind the scenes video shoot of Keke in glam squad action!

Their summer issue is their “Passport To Sexy” theme, and wow does KeKe take the reigns! In the magazine she discusses her much anticipated role as Chili in the VH-1 docudrama “Crazy, Sexy Cool” (out in October), and how she inked a starring role in a new DirecTV drama, “Full Circle.”

There’s not much out there about the new series, but DirecTV writes that:

“Characters passing the torch from one episode to the next include Tim (Felton) an exchange student from England and his love interest Bridgette (Kelly); Bridgette’s husband Stanley (McMahon), a charismatic and intense entertainment lawyer; Stanley’s client Jace (Boreanaz), a famous comic known for his outlandish behavior; Chan’dra (Palmer), whose life was irrevocably altered as a result of a joke that Jace took too far; Cliff (Gearhart), a classmate Chan’dra secretly has a crush on; Cliff’s father Trent (Campbell) and his wife Trisha (Walsh); Peter (Jackson), an aspiring singer who intrudes on a special night between Trent and Trisha; Robbie (Silver), Trisha’s student who purports an unusual connection to his teacher, and his mother Celeste (Sheedy), with whom he shares an unnerving bond. The final episode brings the characters together, with the unexpected addition of one (Weigert), for an explosive ending that is sure to change all of these characters lives irreparably.”

Keke’s starting production soon in Los Angeles. The series is premieres sometime in the fall.

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