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‘CrazySexyCool’ Backlash: T-Boz And Chilli Fire Back At ‘Scorned Heffers’

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As soon as CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story hit the small screen we started hearing backlash from PerriPebbles’ Reid and founding member, Crystal Jones.

While Pebbles threatened legal action, Crystal went on the radio to debunk a number of “myths” in the movie.

Now, Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins and Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas are firing back at their haters. The two remaining TLC members stopped by V-103′s Big Tigger Show to set the record straight.

“So Crystal, I would be mad if I got kicked out of my own group too and TLC blew up. I would have some harbored feelings so I understand her, so sorry,” said T-Boz.

She doesn’t seem too fond of her former group mate who she says leaked the biopic before its debut.

“She put out our movie, trying to sabotage it…with a code and put it on the internet…It’s no need for all that…I’ve apologized for the way things went down…”

As far as Pebbles goes, T-Boz reitterated her appreciation for signing the group but contends it doesn’t change some of the shady things she did.

“I did bring Pebbles to the table…the way me and Lisa handled it may have not been the best…but I’m not at 43 after saying sorry gonna talk about some mess,” she said. “All these scorned heffas need to get over it,pray about it and grow. Like get over it!”

She continued,”The one thing you can’t take from her, we’ve always said, she helped us out so much….She did a lot for our career and that you can’t take that away but if you’re telling a story and it’s even 20 years ago, you can’t tell someone how they’re perceived situations from their end how they felt,” she said. “That doesn’t take away the good that you did. We’re telling a story of what happened. Now we’re 19, 20 and that’s exactly what happened.”

It seems Pebbles wants to forget about some of her shadier deeds like forcing the girls to pay $1 million per letter of their name.

“No I didn’t appreciate paying a million dollars per name. There are certain things we don’t have to like. You move on from certain people. I’m not a bitter person, I let things go and I move on.”

Check out the full interview, above!

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