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Details On Blue Ivy’s Spectacular 2nd Birthday!

There is nothing terrible about Blue Ivy turning two! In fact, she's probably the only toddler in the world who has got absolutely nothing to complain about! A pop star mama and a rap legend daddy, life is looking pretty good for Blue Ivy.

We just can't believe the little girl who we all clamored to see first photos of is now two years old, walking, talking and being a fixture on tour with her mommy.

Thanks to memes and photos, we're taking a look back at the best shots of Blue Ivy over the past two years.

Happy Birthday!

If you’re the daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z, then your birthday should be fabulous — even if you’re a toddler.

Naturally, Blue Ivy’s mama and daddy treated the tot to a fantastic celebration. They started out at Joey’s Italian Café after hanging out at Jungle Island, which is a bird sanctuary inside the Miami Zoo on Wednesday.

They spent the first half of the day viewing the wildlife habitat and botanical garden before heading to a local pizza place with a small group of friends. E! News reports that Bey and Jay feasted on two pizzas and two salads, and Bey wore a haute sweatshirt that said “Surfboard” on it — Drunk In Love reference! — and had her hair pulled back in a knit cap.

Blue wore a gold necklace with her name on it, and on Thursday, Beyonce posted this sweet birthday message on her Tumblr page!






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  1. ScallywagNYC

    In other news, as a birthday gift. Whilst many have gone on to question the ‘rumor’ I already know by now that the Arabian horse probably does exist and that bixch probably cost $750 000. But then again who can put a price on love and (celebrity) babies?


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