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Dining Room Décor Ideas that Make a Difference

Your dining room will get a lot of use this season. It’s the epicenter of conversations, special occasions, good food, and family gatherings so it must be glam. Try these ideas to create eye-popping centerpieces and room statements.

DIY Brass Pipe Candelabra for the Dining Room Table

Want your dining room to be talked about around the water cooler? Then try this unique Pipe Candelabra idea which brightens up your tablescape and adds an enchanting element.

candle4 You’ll need:

  • ¾” brass couplings (4)
  • ¾” brass connectors (5)
  • ¾” brass elbow fittings (4)
  • ¾” brass t-joint fittings (6)
  • ¾” brass pipe – 4” long (2)
  • ¾” brass pipe – 3” long (2)

Find couplings and adapters here.

Just twist and create the look!

Dining Room Lighting ideas

  • Instead of a single light source, illuminate using various sources. From ceiling to floor land to an antique table lamp. Do it all.
  • Use a dimmer switch to create ambiance with your chandelier. Go big or small. A chandelier can be a striking addition.
  • Lighted wall sconces add decoration and drama to the dining area.


Dining Room Color Scheme

What’s the vibe in your dining room? Are you a traditional person with classic colors and calm inviting palettes of gray and brown tones?

paint dining room3Or is the dining room your stage and just as dramatic and captivating as you with bold reds, burgundies and oranges?

Paint diningroomWhatever your style, there’s a way to project your personality with your paint palette. Your color scheme is the theme of the room. Mixing rich colors with diverse textiles enhances the scope of the room. It’s also an easy way to make a quick change and without doing much else. The right paint color speaks volumes for the room.

Change of scenery

Just know that a dining room can very well be outside. Switch up the scenery with a new patio set.Outdoor dining room2This fiery décor makes a statement so expect some lounging with libations for a long time on this furniture.

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  1. LevyRedfox

    These are some really good design tips for your house. I like your tip about thinking about the color scheme of the room you want to put a chandelier in. It the chandelier doesn’t go with the colors in the room you notice it in the wrong way. But a good chandelier will add a lot of value to a room.


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