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Don Lemon Defends Racist Frat House Mom for Chanting N-Word on Video

After distinguishing himself for questioning rape victims for not fighting back and being fodder for some of Black Twitter’s best hashtags and memes CNN’s most trusted name in news is back the spotlight thanks to the SAE video scandal.

After the video of University of Oklahoma frat bros singing about lynching Black men and hurling racial slurs hit social media another Vine video surfaced showing the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house mother Beauton Gilbow repeatedly saying the n-word to the tune of Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything.”

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But CNN’s Don Lemon would like you to know she’s probably not actually a racist.

Um… Ok, Don.

Gilbow, of course, issued a statement after losing her job and her GoFundMe campaign was taken down, saying, in part:

“I am heartbroken by the portrayal that I am in some way racist… I was singing along to a Trinidad song but completely understand how the video must appear in the context of the events that occurred this week.”

Mediaite reports that Don defended Gilbow to his CNN colleague Sunny Hostin, who used the video of Gilbow to say racism is “so pervasive in the culture of that fraternity.”

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Lemon argued that all she’s doing is singing a song, and while it might not be appropriate for her to use the hateful word he questions her intentions by saying:

“Is she really racist if some kids are goading her into singing a song?”

He followed up by saying that if she was “flat-out calling people the n-word,” that’s one thing, but there’s important context to consider here.

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Perhaps Don will next defend the actions of the frat brothers, Parker Rice and Levi Pettit, who were expelled from the university and also apologized for their actions.

After all, according to Don’s logic, these misguided kids were just singing along to a song as well.

Perhaps he can use this latest clip in his reel for an interview with Fox News.

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