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DOUBLE STANDARD: Why Won’t The Media Call Charleston Shooter a Terrorist?

Dylann Storm Roof has been identified as the shooter at Charleston South Carolina church

In the wake of the devastating hate crime that left nine people dead in their South Carolina church on Wednesday night, a conversation about domestic terrorism has broken out on social media.

Plenty of people are baffled by the fact that the shooter, Dylann Storm Roof, 21 isn’t being treated like the terrorist he is.

Could it be because he is a white man whose crimes were against a room full of black people?

Some, like Fox & Friends co-host, Steve Doocy, are even denying the heinous murders at the historic Emanuel AME church were motivated by race.

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“Extraordinarily they called it a hate crime,” Doocy said. “Some look at it because it was a white guy apparently at a black church. But you just made a great point a moment ago about hostility towards Christians. And it was a church. So maybe that’s what they’re talking about. They haven’t explained it to us,” he said during his show on Thursday.

These comments were made despite numerous reports that the cowardly shooter admitted he wanted to kill black people and authorities deemed the massacre as a hate crime.

E.W. Jackson, a black pastor from Virginia who is known for spewing hate insisted Roof’s crimes targeted Christians, not blacks.

We’re urging people wait for the facts, don’t jump to conclusions. But I’m telling you, I’m deeply concerned that this gunman chose to go into a church, because there does seem to be a rising hostility against Christians across this country because of our biblical views. I just think it’s something that we have to be aware of and not create an atmosphere in which people take out their violent intentions against Christians,” he said.

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“Most people jump to conclusions about race. I long for the day that people stop doing that in our country.”

Meanwhile, Roof was apprehended and arrested in North Carolina after a massive manhunt and now awaits extradition to South Carolina. When he was escorted from the Shelby Police Department, he showed no remorse; scowling at cameras and protected with a bullet-proof vest. It seems that even after his disgusting crime, authorities are still making strides to protect the life of this murderer.

Now, citizens have taken to Twitter to voice their outrage at the way this unspeakable act has been covered in the media and raise questions about why Roof isn’t being treated as a terrorist.

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