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Draya Michele DITCHES 'BBWLA' Reunion; Calls Sundy Carter 'Disease Of a Person'

Draya Michele wasn’t kidding when she said she was done with the other ladies on Basketball Wives LA.

The model decided to skip the show’s reunion taping and sat down to dish dirt with executive producer, Shaunie O’Neal, instead.

“I knew when I was going to Palm Springs…I knew I was going to whoop ass and take names,” she said.

“Cuz I knew she was going to push my bottons first. I think it must have been the ‘Pansie-A** son.’ Too many of the ‘My son’.”

Draya admits that her son is her hot button and slammed her co-star for dragging him into their argument.

“What makes another woman say that about somebody else’s child? You are sick and you need your a** beat,” she said.

“You wanna bring up Miami? Miami is the one who punched her in the eye, so leave her alone and stop bringing her up. And if Jackie was out of line, I was gonna handle her.”

Draya blames former friend, Jackie Christie, for unleashing Sundy Carter on the rest of the group.

“Jackie brought this fester, this disease of a person to us to do her dirty work for her,” she said. “And she did it better than Jackie.”
During the reunion show, Sundy responds to Draya’s diss in her usual, nasty way.

“You wanna get your hands dirty and hide ‘em, I don’t. I’m very upfront. So if you wanna call me the villain, call me the villain,” she said. “I’ll be the villain all day.”

She did, however, cop to going to far by bringing up Draya’s son.

“And I apologize for speaking about her son. I just wanna say that. I was emotional,” she says.

“I was you know, irate at the time and I was very out of line for saying that. Her kid didn’t have anything to do with it.”

Check out the sneak peek, above.

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