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INTERVIEW: ‘Hollywood Exes’ Star, Drea Kelly Could Care Less About Her Ex

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Drea Kelly is the optimistic, outspoken firecracker of the bunch on Hollywood Exes and this season, she’s ready to show and tell. 

CocoaFab caught up with R. Kelly‘s ex to get the scoop on her new season, new cast member and how she really feels about her ex.

“It’s always a pleasure and so much fun being with my sisters and being myself,” she says of the new season.

“The first season is about introducing ourselves to the world and second season is like, ‘OK, we got our feet wet, let’s swim.’ I think we get more relaxed this season and we can really be ourselves.”

While the show has captured some not so sunny sides of the upbeat choreographer, she says she has no regrets so far. “It is what it is. What you see is what you get. I don’t have any regrets. It’s who I am,” she says.

“Everything I have been through makes me who I am.  At the end of the day I know everybody is not going to like me but I’m OK with that. I have no regrets. Drea is who she is.”

The show catches the women in some precarious situations, and they’re not always on their best behavior. “It shows vulnerable parts, times when we are strong.  It shows our sisterhood when it’s tight and when we’re not getting along.”

On this week’s episode, we see one of those tougher times when the group is divided over drama. Drea makes no secret of her beef with costar, Jessica Canseco, and calls her out on her double-talking.

Aside from that little spat, Drea says she truly enjoys her “sisters” and is really loving the new girl, Shamicka Lawrence.

“I love Shamicka. She’s really a part of our sisterhood. She has been through the same things we have been through,” she says.  “The story is the same. All you do is change the name.  To be that shoulder for her to cry on is such a blessing for us and for her.”

While the ladies bonded over supporting Shamicka through her heartbreak, they also relate to each other for other reasons.

“I think the bond is that we are all strong women who happened to be married to famous men and we did not get the credit that was due to us. That’s the bond that we have in keeping each other strong through that.”

So what does R. Kelly have to say about his reality star ex?

“Be clear, I can care less what my ex husband has to say.  It doesn’t matter.”

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