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Duck! NeNe Leakes’ Sister Throws Shade On Twitter; NeNe Fires Back With Her Own!


We love a good Twitter beef.

And thanks to NeNe Leakes and her sister Kenya Sherman, there’s a whole lot of tweefing going on.

As we reported Thursday, NeNe is getting her own spin-off show on Bravo this fall, which will document her upcoming nuptials to Gregg. And her sister apparently isn’t happy with what NeNe said on Sunday’s installment of the reunion show. On the reunion show, NeNe accused Phaedra Parks of trying to befriend Kenya in order to dig up dirt on her.

On Thursday, Kenya tweeted out a throwback photo of her and NeNe and another sister, and this series of tweets:

“Hey well at least we know ppl can manipulate networks just to get a FREE wedding & exposure SMH

it’s funny how some ppl will lie cheat steal & even throw their family under the bus for FAME #illuminati? No just a #FRAUD

I’m not doin this to defame @NeNeLeakes BUT to clear up the “sex, lies & reality tv” hype to “FAME”

I’m NOT half sis to @NeNeLeakes we have the SAME mother we are biological & she lived with me when she met Greg #KnowAllTheTea”

NeNe fired back this morning, tweeting out a picture of her with friends including Marlo Hampton, saying “On my flight headed 2 LA wit my biological sister’s @iheartMarlo @thablondebomb @dianagowins @LEXISIS1 U MAD


4 Responses to “Duck! NeNe Leakes’ Sister Throws Shade On Twitter; NeNe Fires Back With Her Own!”

  1. divafreida

    Nene thats still ur sister.. U r in a position to make or break her & u know it.. so dont break ur mama’s heart by hurting each other. U are an awesome woman and im sure its hard for ur sister to cope with all the fame u have entered into. Ppl will always ask her questions about u, maybe even for money.. just try to do the best u can and love ur sister, i have 4 so i know wat ur dealing with… luv ya


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