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Dy-no-mite! ‘Good Times’ Is Being Made Into A Movie


70s babies and old school lovers, get ready! “Good Times” is making a comeback!

Sony Pictures and producer Scott Rudin will turn the groundbreaking ’70s sitcom “Good Times” into a feature film. They’ve set a writer, Phil Johnston, whose most recent credits include Wreck-It Ralph and Cedar Rapids.

While Rudin is selective about the remakes with which he becomes involved – Manchurian Candidate, Shaft and Sabrina – we think this has a lot of potential. The series, which aired on CBS from 1974-79, was one in a series of socially aware sitcoms that pushed the envelope by mixing comedy with topicality and hot-button issues.

“Good Times” focused on working-class couple James and Florida Evans as they raised three kids while struggling with hard financial times, unemployment and keeping their kids away from temptations that came with living in a Chicago housing project. The movie will be set in the 1960s, which gives Johnston a rich and politically charged period to mine.

No word on who has been cast in the film or when production will begin but we are very excited to see what will become of this iconic sitcom turned feature film. After all, there have been so many great JJ “Dy-no-mite” impersonations over the years, we’re sure actors will be lined up to be cast in this one. And wouldn’t it be amazing if Janet Jackson a.k.a. Little Penny made a cameo in the film?!

TELL US: Who would you cast in the film?

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  1. divafreida

    James shud be Terry Crews, Flo shud be Octavia Spencer, JJ Shud be Tony Rock, Marlon Wayans Or Nick Cannon , Thelma Should be Kyla Pratt, Michael should be Jaden Smith, Willona Woods should be Kelly Williams Or Tasha Smith ,  Bookman-Anthony Anderson Sweet Daddy- Snoop Dogg!!


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