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Eating Out At The Oval Room in DC

This summer if you’re planning a trip to the nation’s capital, there’s are plenty of reasons to stop and smell the edible roses over at one of the best Dc eateries: The Oval Room.

However Metanoya Webb of the points out that this Oval Room isn’t in the White House. The Oval Room is a restaurant ripe with masculine wooden decor and charm and Chef John Melfi whips up a fresh twist on American classics.

Here are reasons Metanoya says you should stop by:

The Ambiance: The restaurant is located in Connecticut Ave, a short walk from the White House (hence the name). Although the decor is very masculine with its wooden panels and classic furniture, there are random pops of color with original art throughout and a terrace that is currently lined with vibrant spring tulips, offering a delightful view of Lafayette Square.

The Food: Where do I start? I’ve dined at the restaurant several times and it’s tough to pick a favorite dish. If I see octopus, I immediately order it, some restaurants haven’t quite learned to master octopus. Usually it is too chewy or hard. Not the case at The Oval Room. The octopus was tender, with a vindaloo emulsion, roasted chickpeas, and dehydrated olives. Must give an honorable mention to the tuna sashimi, which is as beautiful to see as it is to eat with colorful roe, orange, and delicate edible flowers.oval_room_dc_octopus

The Desserts: During my first dinner, I had the chocolate feuilletine with peanut and raspberry sorbet. The peanut is grounded, giving it a crunch that breaks up the richness of the chocolate. Delicious! On my most recent visit, I devoured the carrot cake. The Oval Room’s Pastry Chef Rory said it’s his favorite dessert and I fully agree. He uses pineapple to sweeten the cake and make it moist. Carrot cake steps from the White House? Yes please!



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