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EXCLUSIVE: 6 MUST-HAVE Tips For Healthy Tresses From ‘L.A. Hair’ Star, Terry Hunt

As one of the most beloved cast members of L.A. Hair, Terry Hunt knows a thing or two about keeping hair healthy.

The expert stylist has perfected the tresses of celebrities across the country and spent years working in Kim Kimble‘s L.A. salon.

In an exclusive interview with CocoaFab, he shares some of the biggest mistakes women make with their weaves and offers advice on keeping your locks in check when the weather warms up.

1. Go to the pros. “Youtube is teaching people show to sew their own hair on. It’s the same thing as craigslist. There are a lot of things in there but you have to be careful. You can end up hurting your hair and pulling it out doing if you’re doing your own hair in the bathroom. Take your behind to a professional!” he advises.

“A lot of stylists out there are causing a lot of people to get alopecia because they’re braiding too tight. Hair is the most fragile thing on your body and your edges are the most sensitive part. Your hairline is the finest part and it’s not thick because it’s not designed to be thick around the edges. It’s supposed to soften your face. If you put weaves on and you’re braiding the hair around there so tight and attaching heavy hair on there it’s pulling. The weave is coming off in 8 weeks so there’s no need for it to be so tight. You have to wear it the correct way. You cannot sacrifice the health of your hair. If it starts falling out you get nervous and discouraged and end up messed up.”

2. Know what you’re getting. “When you go into the beauty supply store and there’s hair everywhere, something is wrong with that. It can’t all be human or else there would be populations of people walking around bald. That hair is not real! All that packaged hair is wrong. They use protein fibers and fillers in the hair mixed with human hair. They also breed dogs and other animals to use in the weaves,” he says.

“When you buy a bundle of hair the best thing is to do is to get it from a supplier who lets you look at it and feel it and they know exactly where it came from. All hair from India doesn’t mean it’s good. Some people in India have nasty hair. Good hair will last you 18 months to 2 years if you take care of it. But it does have a lifespan just like your hair does. Over time it’s going to get weaker and it’s going to show,” he explains.

“People don’t understand what Remy is. Let’s describe it. It’s not a description of the hair. It tells you how it was manufactured meaning it was cut off the head and put on the weft in the same direction it was cut off in, meaning all the cuticles are going the same way. Non-remy hair is just left over hair and the cuticles are going all over the place and fans out. Remy hair is the best kind of hair there is because it has the cuticles in it. A good price point depends on the texture and length of the hair. Indian wavy texture 15-inch hair should be about $145-$160 per bundle.”

3. Invest in your hair. “A lot of ladies are so excited that the hair is long that they don’t care that it’s raggity. They’re just going for a look. You have to make sure you’re investing in your look correctly. If it costs too much to go to a professional it costs way more to correct the situation so pay for your hair. If you can pay $500 for your shoes or a bag then you can afford to get your hair done right. My clients re-use their hair at least three times because they paid for it. You save more money when you pay for good quality hair,” he explains.

4. Relaxers are not the enemy. “There is a lot of relaxer shade going on because women have so many issues and problems and dermatologists tell them their hair is falling out because of their relaxer. The real problem is not the relaxer. The real problem is the person relaxing your hair. Relaxers are innocent when it’s sitting in the jar. If you put it on incorrectly then that’s when it becomes guilty.

Don’t blame this product because you act up. I don’t like people throwing shade to relaxers. I tell people that if they can avoid it, then press their hair so they can still have the strength. There are pros and cons and benefits. There are a lot of stylists out there who do not know how to properly put on a relaxer. A relaxer can be just as flawless as a press or as natural hair.”

5. Be real. I have no problem with women wearing natural hair. If that’s gonna make you a better person and a natural woman then I’m all for it. You do what you do with your hair to help your lifestyle. My only problem is when it’s so natural that it looks crazy. Everybody can’t just wear their natural hair. You’re not an artist, you’re not onstage, you’re not singing, so you can’t go to work looking crazy,” he says.

“People stick a weave in their head with different textures talking about it’s natural hair. What kind of movement is that if you want natural hair and you stick a curly weave in it? Or cornrows in your head with fake hair in it? That’s not natural. If you’re doing cornrows then cornrow your own hair. That’s not natural hair thats a natural experience.”

6. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture. “A lot of ladies want to swim in the summer and the thing for me is to make sure you have a really good leave-in conditioner. You don’t want it to get burned or dry out from the sun. Maintaining moisture is very important especially if you have color-treated hair,” he says.

“Black women need to wear a swim cap to protect the hair and quit worrying about looking fly when you get it wet. You don’t have the texture to do it. Once you get out of the pool you have to shampoo and condition it quickly because the chemicals in the chlorine will tear it up. Sun and chemicals are very harsh for the hair. Hair only has three layers, if that. Get some products that have sunscreen built into them to protect the hair from the heat. Thermal leave-ins are good too.”

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