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EXCLUSIVE! Who’s Got Next: Introducing ‘Peeples’ Star Kimrie Lewis-Davis

Kimrie Lewis-Davis is the only newbie to join the star-studded cast of The Peeples. For her first time on the silver screen, the LA born actress joins industry heavyweights, Kerry Washington, David Alan Grier and Craig Robinson in the feature film produced by Tyler Perry.

“I didn’t know what to expect other than I would be learning a lot,” she says. “I was never intimidated and I think that was due in large part to how the veterans welcomed me.  Everyone had open arms and it was game on from there.”

Here, the fiercely funny lady tells CocoaFab about her big movie, her big plans, and just what makes her so damn hilarious. Check out seven things you should know about your new favorite comedienne.

She went to Tisch. “It’s a totally different ballgame,” she says of the super exclusive school at NYU. “It’s a totally different tuition.” Jokes aside, she says she was one of eight black faces in her class at the prestigious school for performers. “We were all scattered into different departments, so whenever we saw one another, we would run to each other like The Color Purple!

She’s from the hood.  While she and her brother were raised in the hood, they went to private school and stayed out of the streets. “We were in South Central, land of the riots and our parents didn’t want us to get into trouble. As much pain as it caused us to be the odd ones out on the block, we both went to great schools and that juxtaposition gave us a really unique outlook.”

She has secret talents. “What I love about stand up is that it’s so personal.  It’s your story, your words.  Nobody else can tell your jokes the way you do because nobody has had the same experiences than you have,” she says. “I come from a theater background so having that live audience there is very inspiring to me and it feeds my artistry. “ It also helps that she’s really good at getting laughs.  “There are some nights when I’m great and there are some nights when the audience sucks.”

She has crazy characters. Her stand up routine offers quite a few characters ranging from Michelle Obama to a ghetto fab princess.  Most recently, she was able to pull from one of her funniest bits to inspire her role as Mike Epps’ love interest on an HBO pilot. “I perform this real urban, loud-mouthed, no-holds-barred character in my set.  When they called me in for the HBO pilot, I knew exactly who that girl was. She’s a girl from my block that I grew up with.”

She kissed a girl …and liked it. “We are totally undercover lesbians,” she says of her character in The Peeples. The role prompted her first on-screen kiss to be shared with a female, Kali Hawk. “It was great! I didn’t get to experience that in college so I’m glad,” she jokes.”Everyone made it very comfortable for us so I was lucky.”

She’s a fitness buff. “I’m paying a lot more attention to going out of the house not looking disheveled,” she says. “You don’t want to scare people away!” The sexy star reveals her secrets to maintaining her fit physique. “I love the access to outdoor stuff that’s free.  I get bored if I do the same thing so today I went hiking, tomorrow I’m going bike riding in Santa Monica and I love to run outdoors at night in my neighborhood,” she says. “I like to incorporate a lot of cardio with weights and resistance training.  I find that it continues to pay off throughout the day.  I think weight training helps maintain muscle and keep you lean.  I also really love Zumba.  You can burn up to 700 calories in one session.  Amazing.”

She’s a gadget girl. “I’m amazing at everything technology-related,” she says. Showoff.




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