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EXCLUSIVE: Actor Laz Alonso Is Single & Looking For A “Strong Woman”

Laz Alonso

If Laz Alonso could put an ad in the newspaper for an ideal woman, this is how it might read: “39-year-old Cuban and Black actor looking for smart, confident, strong woman who is the Michelle to his Barack.”

And while the star of NBC’s “Deception” is comfortably single, he’s definitely looking. “I’m pretty traditional when it comes to dating. When I am in a relationship I look for a potential wife and future. And at times that makes me pretty selective,” Laz confesses to CocoaFab.

In fact, most people are surprised to find out that Laz isn’t married and doesn’t have any children. “It’s funny because when people find out you’re single, they either do one of two things. They either celebrate you. But it’s like ‘Nah, it’s not something to celebrate.’ Or they feel really bad for you like pity. Like ‘Poor guy, you’re still single, dog?’ It’s like dang,” he says laughing. “But I just take it day by day.”

Surprisingly his costar Meagan Good hasn’t tried to set him up with any of her single girlfriends yet. “Laz is such a genuine guy that any girl who ends up with him will be very lucky. But I haven’t met anybody yet that I think would be good for him,” says Meagan during our lunch at Beverly Hills’ Four Seasons hotel. “Also he has a very strong personality.”

Now before you think that’s code for a possible red flag, Meagan clarifies by saying that Laz is looking for a woman who can really “hold him down.” And Laz agrees.

“When I meet somebody that I like, I know it and I don’t have any questions about it. I completely, 100% go zero to 60. Until that happens, I know myself well enough, to know that I’m open and available to find that, and when I do, then it’s on!”

So what is he looking for? “I like a strong woman. I was raised by a single woman who is very vocal. My dad was laid back and quiet, and she ran the home. So I think that that’s what I naturally tend to be attracted to. Usually when I’m in a relationship, it’s with an alpha female type of woman.”

But that doesn’t mean he’s looking for his wife to be just like his mama. “I don’t mind sitting back and letting a woman call certain shots. I think that turns me on.”

He adds, “I love confidence in a woman. I love a woman who has her own opinion and her own thoughts on things, whether I agree or not. I love to have that conversation and even a good debate. It keeps things interesting.”

Laz’s ideal relationship is actually that of the President and First Lady. “While Obama may be the President of the free world, but Michelle is the President of their household and he’ll admit it. I like that dynamic. I’ve always enjoyed dating someone who stimulates me and motivates me and keeps me on my toes in all areas.”

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katie katie 48
katie katie 48

Hi. My name is Katie I would love to talk to you,


Hello My name is Joan,

How are you doing? Mr. Laz Alonso,I was looking at all of your pictures how handsome you are.I am looking for someone thats compassionate, modest,a man of God,woman right,ready for marriage,honesty.

About me,I am a woman of God,no kids,very single,I goes to church,I love to cook,my favorite color is green.

you want to know a little about more about me.

here is my website


I'm right woman for him I have all those things I was rise by single mother


I will like to tell this personally to Laz. I'am a very strong  independent young  black woman, who is 28 years old I don't have any children. I do know that I'am not First lady Michelle Obama,and not trying to be her. But What I can say is that I have some of her similar elegance, her beauty, and a smile that can just make laz heart melt. I'm very compassionate, a hard worker, and highly educated. Laz do you dare care for a challenege. Because I'am ready for destiny. Butterfly queen 28.


Amy, you tell Laz that I am that woman that he has been praying and searching for. He described me to a T!!! The challenge for him will be to come all the way out to Monrovia, Liberia to find me. After that, I'll follow him to the moon and back!!!


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