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EXCLUSIVE: Bevy Smith Talks Natural Hair, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna & ‘Fashion Queens’

Sunday night marked the return of Fashion Queens on Bravo and Bevy Smith, Derek J, and Miss Lawrence are glad to be back.

In an exclusive interview with CocoaFab, Bevy Smith weighs in on Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and the natural hair craze.

“It’s a really great thing.  We felt good about the show.  By the second episode Bravo had already green lit us for eight more shows.  Now we have 28 episodes so it’s a very big boost of confidence.  We’re excited.”

Fans will see a lot more of the Fashion Queens and maybe even some special guests.

“We might have a few people joining us on the set every now and again. It’s just gonna be more zaniness from us three characters and people should look for a better rhythm between us.  The first couple of months you’re still getting your rhythm so we’re gonna hit our stride in this second season.”

On thing she isn’t worried about is haters.

“People always have something to say but unless you writing the check I really don’t care what you have to say.”

When it comes to the Housewives, Bevy has her favorites even though she’s not really a reality TV fan.

“Cynthia Bailey is an easy go to and she wears clothes well because she’s a real model. I think Nene’s look is really good and she really looks like a sexy grown woman. She has a great look,” she says.

“I love Melissa Gorga’s look because she has a rocking’ body and she knows how to wear clothes for it.  I love Kyle Richards’ style on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Another trend Bevy is feeling is black girls rocking their natural hair.

“I’m a  huge fan of girls going natural. First of all, I think it’s ridiculous it’s even up for debate.  How can it be wrong if thats what comes out of your head? That’s crazy talk! That’s how you were made so of course it has to be a good look. Of course it should be accepted and it should be embraced,” she says.

“My hair stylist does Kerry Washington and Jada Pinkett and lots of other people. Every time we sit down to do a weave I say, ‘I can’t wait until I get to be Whoopi Goldberg and show up on TV’,” she says.

“I’ll show up looking like A$AP Rocky as soon as I get enough leverage! I embrace the natural hair movement.”

Right now, there’s one woman who reigns supreme when it comes to fashion and style; Rihanna.

“She said she wanted to be the black Madonna and I would say she’s well on her way. She is a chart-topping artist and whenever she puts on anything it gets talked about.  She’s sexy beyond and I applaud her.” she raves.

“I love what she’s doing with her style and I love how she pushes the envelope.  She’s doing exactly what a young woman should do.  She should push the envelope and have fun.”

Surprisingly, Bevy is also onboard with Miley Cyrus’ recent transformation.

“I think if Miley was twenty years old and in college she would be doing the exact same thing onstage but it would be in a frat house with a bunch of drunken boys who are gonna slip her Molly and she doesn’t even know it. She might as well get paid for it and have a good time on the international stage,” she says.

“I’m all for young girls acting up and being ratchet because you can always come back, get a grip and be a lady.  Look at Madonna. There’s always room for improvement.  Being young is about having fun and making mistakes and shocking people.”

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